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Dr. Gary Stollman talks about AnxietyDon't let anxiety control your life. Overcome anxiety & face the fears that hold you back.

Anxiety warns us of real or perceived danger. Its purpose is to prepare us to fight against or escape from a perceived threat. One problem with anxiety is that we frequently overreact to a perceived threat and then our anxiety becomes overwhelming.

Anxiety can be debilitating and prevent you from functioning at your full capacity. Anxiety may even detach itself from the thing you are anxious about and generalize to the point where you feel anxious and don't even know why.

People prone to anxiety may complain of physical ailments (more than half of all complaints treated by physicians are anxiety-based that is, psychosomatic), excessive worry about real or exaggerated troubles, fatigue, and a variety of other problems. Anxious individuals may also avoid doing things they would otherwise enjoy and benefit from doing.

When dealing with anxiety, it's important that you not run away from feelings or situations that cause you to feel anxious. Avoidance only makes things worse. Instead, you need to confront your anxiety, challenge yourself to take risks, and examine whether or not your anxiety is realistic or if you are blowing things out of proportion.

Empowering Questions

What do I fear facing?

What keeps me from facing my fears?

Are my fears realistic or am I blowing things out of proportion?

Have the things I am afraid of ever happened in the past?

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Talk With Dr. Gary - Dr. Gary Stollman

Sessions can be scheduled for either one or two hours in length. Two hour sessions provide adequate time to explore issues without interruption.

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(800) 474-1445

Phone Sessions Available From Noon To Midnight and 24-Hour Answer Service Also Available.

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