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As the New Year ushers in, you’re likely reflecting on 2010 and dissecting it, second-guessing it and, maybe, you even have a few regrets.

Every year, we all start out with the hopes that the new one will be better than the last. Any unaccomplished goals will be a done deal and life will have that glow and rhythm we so desire.

So, the question is: What will be so different this year compared to last year? What was the missing component from your plan to make meaningful changes in your life? It could be that your goals, daily actions and your very being were all missing a healthy dose of inspiration. Think about it, were you inspired last year and if so, for how long?

First, let's consider the meaning of inspiration, which has been investigated by psychologists for a long time, including in 1922 when T. S. Knowlton cast it as a precursor to a complex or a "clot of emotionalized thought."

The physical meaning of inspiration is to inhale air into your lungs. You're giving your body the oxygen it needs for life and energy. You feel filled, refreshed and even heady if you keep inhaling. Now consider the "divine" element associated with inspiration. For instance, we are still often amazed at where ideas for great inventions come from, and, when they come, they evoke some of the same feelings that are synonymous with being inspired and which many of us lack on a daily basis.

Those feelings that go hand-in-hand with inspiration are exhilaration, excitement and stimulation. Whey you’re inspired in your life, the air is charged, it’s electric. You can't wait to take action… it's almost a feeling of being intoxicated with your goals, your pursuits and your life.

Unfortunately, there are so many inspiration zappers that can leave you feeling down and disinterested instead of excited and exhilarated. Financial worries, unhealthy learned behaviors or coping mechanisms and even severe illnesses such as depression. Faced with all of these, you may think, "Who has time for inspiration?"

If you're serious about this year being better than the last, then you must make time for inspiration While it's true that inspiration comes a little easier for some people, as Sigmund Freud said, "When inspiration doesn't come to me, I go halfway to meet it." Even if inspiration has eluded you up till now, you don't have to give up on it. In fact, it's possible you never gave it much thought in the first place…never really thought it mattered.

But, it does. Inspiration is one of the missing links in goal planning… something I focus a lot on in my practice as a Los Angeles Life Coach. It connects you to something bigger than agendas or Blackberries. It's one of the essential drivers of intention and achievement, and a necessary problem-solver for some of those obstacles preventing you from meeting your goals, such as financial debt, a bad relationship, obesity or procrastination.

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