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Dr. Gary Stollman talks about CommunicationThe first symptom of a failing relationship is often a breakdown in communication. Learn the keys to communicating effectively in your relationship and with others.

Successful relationships depend on mutual commitment, shared values, and good communication. At some point in every relationship, couples encounter issues that require the ability to communicate effectively. Some find that marital counseling is required to get things back on track.

Sadly, many couples are poorly equipped when faced with having to resolve conflict. Some couples resort to ineffective means of communicating that were learned or modeled after their primary caretakers. Others simply "wing it" and hope for the best. Without effective communication and conflict resolution strategies, issues may be temporarily "smoothed over" but nothing ever gets resolved. Like clockwork, these issues resurface repeatedly but never get resolved, which is why so many turn to Beverly Hills psychotherapy expert, Dr. Gary.

A key to good communication is the ability to talk about problems as they arise. Too often couples wait until it is too late and small problems build into major crises. Hurtful things are said or done and can never be taken back.

Listening is also crucial to effective communication. When we are hurt or upset, it can be extremely difficult to listen to what our partner says. We may listen to his or her words, but we may not really hear or understand our partner on the level he or she needs to be heard or understood. When we feel the need to be right, we lose sight of our partner's feelings and then communication breaks down.

Empowering Questions

What did I learn from my parents about communicating and how does this either help or hurt my relationship today?

Why do I avoid talking about problems in my relationship?

Does my fear of being criticized or rejected stop me from expressing my hurt and anger?

Why don't I make an honest attempt at trying to listen and understand my partner's feelings?

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