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Dr. Gary Stollman talks about Self-EsteemYou deserve to be happy & feel good about yourself. A healthy self-image is an important key to attaining what you want in life.

Your self-esteem is your most valuable asset. With high self-esteem you can move mountains. Without it you can never be a success. Self-doubt makes you question your accomplishments and interferes with your path to success. Even when things are going your way, if you feel undeserving of the things you have, you will be unable to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You may even unwittingly sabotage things when everything starts going the way you would like it to.

Our self-esteem is a result of the validation or lack of validation we received throughout our lives. One's self-worth can also be damaged following traumatic events such as childhood abuse or abandonment. Anger can also have a negative impact on one's self-esteem. When you hold in anger, the anger eventually turns against you and lowers your self-esteem.

If you want to feel better about yourself, there are a number of things you can do. First, you must learn how to turn off the "inner critic." Self-criticism seldom motivates people to succeed. Instead, we tend to do better when we focus on how good we are. Also, start to challenge yourself and take on tasks you may have been putting off. Getting something done that you have been avoiding can often make you feel better about yourself. Next, since holding in feelings of anger can lower one's self-esteem, examine whom you need to forgive and then let go of feelings that no longer serve you. Finally, if you have old wounds that need healing, seeking help from a qualified professional can help you to regain your sense of self-worth.

Empowering Questions

What risks do I avoid taking in my life?

What stops me from taking risks that might make me feel better about myself?

What are three things I can do for myself today that would raise my self-esteem and make me feel better about myself?

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Talk With Dr. Gary - Dr. Gary Stollman

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