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Dr. Gary Stollman talks about Sexual IssuesSexual problems are often a telltale sign of underlying relationship issues & of potential long-term relationship dissatisfaction.

A healthy relationship requires a balance between a couple's sexual relationship and their emotional connection. For some, a happy sex life is the first thing to suffer when relationship problems arise. For others, it is the last remaining thing a couple can share when all else fails.

Sexual problems are often symptoms of other issues within a relationship that you may wish to talk to Dr. Gary Stollman (a Los Angeles marriage therapist) about. When the lines of communication are closed and you and your partner feel resentment toward one other, it can be difficult to be open sexually. In essence, feeling "emotionally numb" in your relationship often leads to feeling "sexually numb" toward your partner.

Many couples in sexual counseling and marriage therapy in Los Angeles complain of frequency discrepancies. One partner may feel that having sex once per week is adequate, while the other may feel that anything less than daily sex falls short of his or her expectations. Frequency discrepancies are often resolved (with the assistance of Los Angeles marriage therapy) through compromise so that the needs of both partners can be met.

There are a number of other reasons why couples seek sexual counseling and marriage therapy in LA. Some of the reasons are: low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sex that has become too routine, disagreements as to who should initiate sex, discomfort regarding sexual fantasies, and dealing with sex after an affair.

Healthy sexual expression also requires that you feel good about yourself. If you were abused, neglected, or have a poor self image, it can be difficult to trust even those closest to you.

Empowering Questions

Why do I keep feelings of hurt or resentment inside and how does this interfere with my sexual relationship?

Why do I avoid facing issues from my past that might be contributing to problems with sexual intimacy?

Am I communicating my needs to my partner or am I hoping that he or she will somehow be able to read my mind and know what I'm feeling?

What steps do I need to take in order to bring more passion to my relationship?

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Talk With Dr. Gary - Dr. Gary Stollman

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